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  • Taneya Rogers

Edmonton’s most Delicious Festival!

While I’m uncertain as to the benchmark to qualify as a ‘foodie’, I am unequivocally a food lover. You know, one of those folx that do the little happy dance when their taste buds encounter something exceptionally delicious and satisfying? OK, even if you don't break out the choreography on the first bite, Taste of Edmonton is a food lover’s playground.

The annual festival has been running since 1984. It places a spotlight on Edmonton’s restaurants and celebrates the culinary diversity of the City. From July 20th - 30th, Sir Winston Churchill Square will host 9 food trucks and 41 booths, each representing a different local restaurant. The condensed menus are just a teaser, and the sample-sized portions allow you to explore multiple dishes before your tummy hits capacity. The site also boasts ample seating options, a beer garden and even a duelling piano bar along with free live entertainment.

Free Outdoor Concert Series

This year Taste of Edmonton will also have a free outdoor concert series at Churchill Square, boasting a very diverse line up. Some of the "melanistic" names include acts such as Mercy Funk, Av & Inner City, Nuela Charles, Cab ' Ral, Ntwali Kayijaho along with headliner AHI. Visit for performance times during the #festival.

Expert Tips:

  • Review the menu ahead of time so you can tackle your top picks first.

  • Give yourself at least an hour - lines can get long and you want to savour your mini-meals.

  • Bring a friend! You can tackle multiple booths at the same time and food is better when shared.

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