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Top 5 Black Movie Soundtracks of all time

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Naturally when asked to come up with the Top 5 Black movie soundtracks of all time I was sure it would be easy. In fact, I quickly rattled off five soundtracks without a second thought, with a grin on my face. The grin faded quickly though as a flood of soundtracks rushed into my mind, all undeniable in impact and their genius. Not so easy after all. How did I break it all down to make sense? First, I disqualified any soundtracks that featured only one artist, so bye to some all-time greats like The Bodyguard, “Purple Rain” and “Shaft” plus “Hustle & Flow”. Secondly, I gave a higher rating to soundtracks that transcended time, genres and culture. Lastly, I also tried to choose soundtracks from different eras and with that I give you:

5.QUEEN & SLIM (2019)

Produced and curated by the talented Dev Haynes. This pick perfectly encapsulates the soundtracks of the Black Hollywood renaissance.

4. WILD STYLE (1982)

Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush Brothers and Kevie Kev made this the first Hip Hop Movie Soundtrack and arguably the most sampled album in Hip Hop.

3. THE WIZ (1978)

Mabel King, Lena Horn, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross made this sensational musical and soundtrack and it is an essential staple in any collection.

2. BELLY (1998)

The Belly Soundtrack had all the heavy Hip Hop hitters of the day, R&B crooners AND Reggae hits. Undeniable classic.


Chaka Khan, Al Green, Guy, Pre-Fergie Black Eyed Peas and Angie Stone make this the quintessential album that came at a time when movies like “The Wood”, “Best Man”, and “Brown Sugar” would be peak Neo Soul.

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